Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e: Which Is Better

Just ended month February appeared to be a month of new smartphones as brands like Xiaomi, Samsung, and LG launched their phones head to head. All these brands and their officials have announced their upcoming flagship smartphones in the month, which are expected to arrive the market in second half of the year. Talking about Xiaomi, it announced its affordable flagship MI p, LG announced its LG G8 ThinQ, whereas the Samsung has stated about its Galaxy S10 series including S10, S10 Plus and S10e. However, in this post, we are just going to compare affordable flagship phones of these brands, that’s Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e, and which one is better in terms of specs, camera, performance, battery and other details.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e

Design Comparison

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Speaking about design, just keep LG G8 ThinQ aside as it not seem much attractive, however the other two phones are comparable. Take Samsung Galaxy S10e at first, its Infinity-O Display embedded with the front camera and its canary yellow color variant along with its compact design, makes it a phone with class. However, the Xiaomi Mi9 has stunning glass rear available in gradient hues with changing colors, makes it really attractive as well. So, in terms of design, both of the phones can catch your eyes, where as G8 ThinQ even after having the best build quality, can be denied by some users. Talking more about this phone, it has acquired both military certification and also is waterproof. Galaxy S10e itself is waterproof too, however Mi 9 has not such feature for protection against water.

Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e: Display Feature Comparison

In the race of display, LG G8 ThinQ sports the best and most advanced display as it sports Quad HD+ panel. Also, it has 100 percent of DCI-P3 coverage along with support to HDR10 and Dolby Vision technology to produce perfect color. While the Samsung Galaxy S10e comes second in this race, and sports Dynamic AMOLED screen that supports HDR10. But this smartphone’s screen size is smaller and just 5.8inches long.

Hardware/Software Comparison Of Xiaomi Mi 9 & LG G8 ThinQ & Samsung Galaxy S10e

Since trio of the phones fall under flagship range, offcourse the hardware you will receive will be featured with flagship specs. Just a marginal difference would be there in terms of performance because all phones sports Snapdragon 855 chipset, however the European version of Galaxy S10e is exception. Talking about RAM, both the Samsung and Xiaomi device will offer 8GB while LG G8 Thinq sports 6GB of RAM. But, the Galaxy S10e is leading device with availability up to 256GB internal storage, while others will stop at 128GB. Moreover, Mi 9 has no expandable storage option, but other two phones have a micro SD card slot to do so.

Camera Specs Comparison Of Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e

According to details available on paper by trios, Xiaomi Mi 9 sports really the most outstanding camera, while the Galaxy S10e falls at second position. Since we have got no real picture snapped by these phones, it’s really not possible to bring a verdict in camera quality. But, talking about overall support and included lens and sensors, all the phones will do the best. LG G8 ThinQ and Mi 9 is laoded with triple camera setips, while S10e lacks the telephoto lens which are available in is successors S10 and S10 Plus. Still, it’s featured with variable aperture, so it’s expected the device will bring great photos even in low lit circumstances.

Xiaomi Mi 9 vs LG G8 ThinQ vs Samsung Galaxy S10e: Battery Details

In terms of batter capacity, LG G8 ThinQ is off course the winner with longest battery life, but as the device’s display features really very high resolution, it can’t be estimated yet that how long the phone will last. Coming to Samsung Galaxy S10e, the device sports comparably small battery, while Mi 9 sits in the second position after LG’s phone.

Price Comparison Between Xiaomi Mi 9, LG G8 ThinQ & Samsung Galaxy S10e

Coming to price tags, obviously the Samsung Galaxy S10e will have a greatest price tag of $749, while Xiaomi Mi 9 is available in the market at price tag of $512. last but not least, LG G8 ThinQ will cost more and features a price tag of $626. Means, Mi 9 offcourse is the winner in price war and offers great specs in compare to other two phones.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Trios

Xiaomi Mi 9


  • Wireless charging supports
  • Affordable price tags
  • Decent camera specs
  • Good build quality


  • No expansion for storage

LG G8 ThinQ


  • Unbeatable build quality
  • Amazing display
  • Larger battery size
  • Wireless fast charging


  • Design seems uglier

Samsung Galaxy S10e


  • Compact in size
  • Good hardware inclusion
  • Audio quality is great
  • Reverse charging/ Wireless fast charging support


  • Smaller battery size

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