says TVMuse hacked and team working toward recovering database confusion

TVMuse hacked: Team working on recovering database

According to report, has reveled two TVMuse backup domains and also says original TVMuse site domain was hacked last month this year. For those who are not aware, in the starting of January, many users were reported the service not working. However, TVMuse developer had official announced the service went down. At that time, the company was not mentioned any reasons behind site down. Users were started searching for its alternative as best replacement which offers similar functionality like high quality streaming links for latest TV shows. But then, we have seen link from original website who started sharing the link of their own web pages. Let’s take look at some tweets here. TVMuse down news here. launched with same functionalities: TVMuse backup domains

After TVMuse shutdown, we have noticed the site which claims that we lost the domain TVMuse and we are currently working on recovering our databases. Further says, the main reason behind the loss of domain was hacking means the original TVMuse hacked.  Let’s take have look the banner shows at the homepage of new site.

Unfortunately we lost our domain, we are working on recovering our database, in a few days we will have the website ready. Please bookmark our new site (Ctrl-D). Thank you!

TVMuse hacked

Our old domain was hacked, thats why we created 2 more sites where you can watch your favorite series | QUICKEPISODES.CO | KIZISERIES.CO

TVMuse backup domains confusion: Is the service run by same team of

We all have still confusion about the service that is being run by same team that was behind At the moment, there is no any official confirmation from Pop Alexandru who was the linker at the original website. Further reports, Pop Alexandru never accepted that is now officially new TVMuse home. Let’s take have a look at tweets of Alexandru here.

One users says that they were linker at the original TVMuse site came out to support for and accusing Pop Alexandru of promoting their own blog. Since then, they were response to Alexandru’s tweets. Let’s look here.

I have been linker aswell for several years, stop telling people that it is fake just because you want to promote your blogspot, i am summiting my links on , if you want to bring down tvmuse just to promote your blog you are wrong

— Tvmuse (@officialtvmuse) January 11, 2019 offers similar features like original site down at the moment

So, we can say that is choice after shut down. Now, they have added two new domains just in case the main site gets hacked or something happens wrong with the service. What do you think about You can share your own experience on the comment box given below.

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