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TikTok Encourage Pornography, So Banned In India

TikTok ban India

According to latest report in India, Madras High court asked the Indian Government to ban lately popular Chinese video sharing app TikTik. The court said TikTok encourage pornography and should be banned sooner.

Even the court has banned TikTok in Tamil Nadu and enforcing the Centre as well to prohibit the downloads of this app. In support to its act, the court mentioned that the future of youngsters and mindset of children are spoiled, via TiokTok app.

Getting through the petition for TikTok ban India, it states that the nature of content over this video sharing platform contained various contents related to degrading culture, pornography and explicitly disturbing as well.

The App is even said accused of spreading social stigma and medical health issues among teenagers by promotions of wrong ideas. As a report from February, the IT minister explained some of dance videos on TikTok which he said unbearable.

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Even the Court of Justice N Kirubakaran and Justice SS Sundar added in this matter by saying Indian media outlets should not broadcast such videos which have been made through TikTok.

In the meanwhile, the Madras High Court suggested Indian Government to introduce some specific laws over online privacy of children on the lines of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, which was passed in the United States earlier.

Well, speaking about the TikTok ban India, the app Tiktok is not yet the very first app who faced a ban, even many popular apps like Battle Royale game, PUBG, etc are also facing such conditions due to addiction in teenagers which affects their studies.

Also many games reportedly led to crimes, arrests, and deaths as well according to some reports. Getting to a famous game these days, PUBG, it’s also facing ban in some parts of Gujrat, however the authorities have lifted the ban recently in Ahmedabad. And the fate of this fame game is yet to be seen in other parts of India.

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