Samsung working on new foldable Wearable Smartphone

New Samsung foldable wearable phone patents

According to report, Samsung (South Korean Smartphone manufacturer) is currently working on its new foldable Smartphone design that can be worn on the wrist like Smartwatch. For those who are not aware, Samsung Company has already launched its first foldable phone as name of Galaxy Fold. Now, the company is planning to design new foldable wearable phones and it is expected to release this phone very soon. Report says, Samsung has already filled the patents for its new wearable foldable phones. Let’s take have a look at “New Samsung foldable wearable phone patents” design & features.

Samsung Wearable foldable Smartphone: Design

When we talk about the design of this new wrist foldable phone, it will be sporting an elongated flexible display. In the top, the phone will be equipped with front-facing and rear mounted cameras while in bottom, devices has thick-sized chin. So, we can say that the bottom portion of device will be also non-foldable. The display of the wearable foldable phone is embedded with an in-screen fingerprint scanner. Further report, the phone with tall slender display, can be bend round into cuff-potentially allowing it to be worn the wrist.

New Samsung foldable wearable phone patents

Galaxy Fold Smartphone can be folded like a book. On other hand, the phone design shown in new patent shows that it can be bent to wear it on one’s wrist. Interestingly, the device will tend to bend automatically due to its flexible design. At the moment, there is no confirmation about release date of New Samsung foldable wearable phone. Anyway, we are researching on the matter very deeply and we will defiantly post an update in future. For any suggestions of queries, please write on comment box given below.

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