Samsung Galaxy S10e Vs S10 The True Flagship: Specs Comparison

The Upcoming Galaxy S10e Vs S10 Review, Specs and Camera Comparison

galaxy s10e vs s10

One of the mostly renowned contender in smartphone industry, the Samsung has recently announced its Galaxy S10 range of phones named S10, S10e, and S10 Plus. Getting specific to S10 and S10 Plus, they are just successor of last year’s Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus handsets. But, if we speak about Samsung Galaxy S10e, it’s basically a device offering flagship feel in budget.

Since aforementioned trio phones are Samsung’s flagship devices, it’s quite common for them to be amazing phones, and even from the biggest brand. Since S10 and S10 Plus are just flagship, however the S10e variant is budget device, we are actually now going to compare these two smartphone galaxy S10e vs S10 to find out what are the differences between both. Let’s compare the specs, camera, design, and all other details of these phones in the article further.

Galaxy S10e Vs S10 Specification Comparison: Overall Specs At A Glance

Before we start to compare both aforesaid phones and its features in detail, here comes the full specs of Galaxy S10e and S10 to give you easy access over feature differences offered in new Samsung smartphones.

galaxy s10e vs s10 Specification

Samsung Galaxy S10e Vs S10 Design and Display

In terms of design and display, it’s expected the S10 e will be a petite handset in compare to true flagship S10. This also means the S10 will be much bigger in screen size and overall dimensions as well.

Speaking about S10e at first, it measures 142.2 x 69.9 x 7.9mm and weighs 150gms. Getting through its overall look, it’s believed to be a true slender smaetphone that can fit into your pocket easily. It sports a 5.8-inch AMOLED screen, and is a little smaller as well in compare to other flagship devices in its range.

Coming to Galaxy S10, the deive is larger than S10e, measures 149.9 x 70.4 x 7.8mm and weighs 157gms. Also it sports a 6.1-inches AMOLED screen. Means, comparing both of the phones at once, S10 is just a little bigger in size, but is actually thinner as well. Also, the flagship is just noticeably heavier than the budget smartphone, S10e.

Galaxy S10e vs S10 Camera Comparison

Getting into camera comparison of S10 and S10e, you must know at first that Samsung has included an ultra-wide angle camera in its top models. You might also be confused about if this feature will be available with budget phone S10e, but we are just going to uncover this mystery here. Well, we are really to get flagship-grade triple camera setup and tested 12MP primary module with dual pixel autofucus and stablized aperture lens. Also the camera will be flanked by telephoto and ultra-wide cameras.

Talking about the Ultra-wide, is actually an all new 16MP shooter with123 degree view, which is quite different from one implemented in Galaxy A7 or A9 models. Also, it still means the the camera setup included on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro remains unmatched on paper, that’s 20MP of resolution + autofocus.

galaxy s10e camera

Coming back to out propects, this triple rear camera setup will be surely available with Galaxy S10 and offcourse S10 Plus as well. But, if you are going to choose the budget version Galaxy S10e, you are really going to miss the telephoto module. This means, the ability of zoom in distant objects will be missing. The Live focus and mostly renowned Portrait Mode snaps will be taken only with relatively wide main camera.

Galaxy S10 camera

However, coming to selfie snapper of both upcoming smartphones, both the Galaxy S10 and S10e gets the same 10MP primary selfie camera with no extra module added. However, the implemented 10MP chief selfie module will be still much impressive and can record even 4K video. Means, in this prospects, both of the smartphones are similar.

Galaxy S10e Vs S10 Review

Battery Details

Taking a look through other details of Galaxy S10e and S10 flagship model, definitely the upper version have good packing of features in terms of battery and specs as well. Talking about the battery at first, the S10e is loaded with a 3,100mAh battery while 3,400mAh is sported in S10 model. This means, if you go higher with S10 range, you would get better battery specs in compare to S10e.

Also, S10 equips a better battery in compare to other competing phones in its range. Taking iPhone XS Max as an instance, this smartphone includes just 3,174mAh battery capacity, while Google’s Pixel 3 XL sports a 3430mAh.

Coming to wireless charging feature, both the phones S10 and S10e will support wireless charging and wireless power sharing as well. Power sharing feature probably means you can use your handset to charge other handsets too, which is also known as reverse charging.

Specs Details of S10 and S10e

Coming to specs, both of Samsung’s smartphone includes same processor paired with an Octa-core chipset. The company has not yet disclosed the details about used chipset in its devices. Talking about memory details, the Galaxy S10e will be available in market in 2 models. The first one will include 6GB of RAM along with 128GB of internal storage, whereas the other model will be sold with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM. Speaking of Galaxy S10, it will be sold also in two versions with 8GB/128GB and 8GB/512GB options.

Price Details

The Samsung Galaxy S10e is since a budget smartphone, it will be available in market in affordable price of $749 for 6GB/128GB model, whereas the S10 entry level model will be sold for $899 offering 8GB/128GB combination. Means, there’s a difference of $150 between the true flagship galaxy phone and the budget version S10e. While the Top model of Galaxy S10 series, S10 Plus will be available in market for $999 for its cheapest option with 8GB of RAM and 128GB or ROM.


Getting through all details including specs, camera, battery and price of both of the phones, the Galaxy S10e vs S10 verdict must be cleared. It indicates, if a user is planning to avail all S10 series’ features, they would have to invest $150 more to go with Galaxy S10. S10e might be available in budget price, but some true and attractive features will be missing like telephoto in camera, reduced battery capacity, and even more. However, if you are getting ultra more features of Samsung’s flagship, S10 Plus should be your option.

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