Samsung Galaxy Buds Review and Features (Complete Details)

Samsung Galaxy Buds Review

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Samsung Galaxy Buds is wireless earphones that are the South Korean well-founded. It looks very attractive with a smooth all white design including two ear buds and a charging case. The earbuds themselves seem shiny and solid with slight rubber wingtips and eartips in the box. One casual design feature is the use of pearlescent material on the outer housing of the buds which reflects the light attractively. The housing act as touch controls, which can be used to play/ pause music, skip tracks, answer and end calls and launch Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby on Friendly devices.

 Galaxy Buds come with a USB Cable to charge the case. The Buds themselves have 6 hrs battery life. The wearable app indicate you how much battery the buds have left when you pull them out of the case. You can charge this ear phone in their case without help wire. That means if you have a QI compatible wireless charging pad. These earphones are compatible with all the Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone.

Galaxy Buds Features

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Galaxy Buds comes with lots of attractive features. Some common features are given below:

  • Changing songs or adjust volume is do via natural touch controls that can be modify inside the Samsung Wear app. The app also allows users to choice between five different equalization settings.
  • When making a call, the earphone can analyse how loud the sounds around you are, using the microphone on the outside of each earphone when ambient Sound is quitter and the mic near the inside of the headphones when it’s louder.
  • Galaxy Buds really shine when it comes to bass frequencies which become even more seeming when you listen to bassy tracks. On tracks the use of air displacing dynamic drivers that means you can feel the sub bass thumping in your chest rare for true wireless earbuds.
  • Its design is ergonomic and soft silicone eartips allow them to fit very well in your ears that feels like warm bass and low mi response and allowing them to ignore the exacting, thin sounds up top.
  • Galaxy Buds comes with the Galaxy wearable app, including equalizer which allows you to switch between different pre-sets like as Bass Boost. Through this app you can also turn on ambient sound feature which mixes In background noise to the music using built in microphone buds.
  • It can also stability out noises like rumbling traffic, while increasing nearby sounds which allows you to stay alert to ecological noises without compromising the quality of your music.
  • If you lost your Galaxy Buds you also use the ‘Find My Earbuds’ feature to find them down. When you enable this feature the Buds play a constant chirping nosise so you can find them quickly and easily.

Galaxy Buds pros and Cons

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  • The Galaxy Buds are really so small and extremely comfortable with the right sized tips. Once you fit them correctly then you will forget they are there. But if you not inserted properly then the improper seal makes it very noticeable.
  • The Tips of Buds are very grippy tips that somehow resist loosening due to sweat even while running. It’s a good touch that makes a very difference t the fit quality.
  • The touch controls are very good but very customizable. One tap for pause/ Play, double tap for skip/ answer/ end call, triple tap for previous. The ouch bar is small and will take coms getting uses to as will the tap stayed.
  • The battery life is 6 hrs marks all 3 times with the irregular calls and silent breaks in between music and podcasts.
  • They automatically connect when you open the case and put them in your ear as expected and the sensor disables the touchpad controls as soon as the Bud is removed from your ear to safe accidental taps.


  • The mics are not good they pick up more wind noise and have a little lower excellence.
  • They don’t auto pause when one is removed from your ear through the sensor to do so is present. But they do auto pause if both are removed.
  • The magnets holding the buds therefore you could be ever so slightly stronger. Holding the case open upside down and shaking tightly makes them fall out.
  • The Buds case is very hard to open that means it’s not easy to open the Bud case.
  • You cannot see the charging case battery percentage.

 Comparison Galaxy Buds vs Airpods on the basis of  Specifications

                                                                                                                                    galxy buds4                                                  


  • GalaxyBuds designed by the Samsung that basically took the foundation laid by the Gear Icon X buds and advanced it. It is made by shining mix of white matter and pearlescent plastic. It comes with multi colours white, Black and yellow
  • Airpods designed by the Apple Company. It is made by the silky white plastic Ear Pods sans Wires. It comes with only white colors.


  • The Galaxy Buds is fit comfortably in your ears. The dimension of these ears phones are 0.7×0.9×0.8 inch and weigt is 0.2 ounce.
  • The Airpods have always provided a comfortable, if somewhat loose fit. The dimension of this is 0.7×0.7×1.2 inches and weight is 0.14 ounces.


  • Galaxy Buds touch pad is a shiny triangular shell, but the more accuracy language would be tap pad. Samsung switched the controls over to a tap-based method. You can play/ pause music just one tap, a double tap to skip to the next track or answer/ end a call and three taps to skip backward.
  • Airpods are Siri dependent that means if you want to skip a track, adjust a volume or even answer a call, you will need to use Siri to do it.

Special Features

  • Galaxy Buds come with several special features like as Ambient, Noise, which lest sounds from the outside world into the buds.
  • Airpds also come with lots of attractive features  that draw on the devices accelerometers and Apples proprietary W1 chip.

 Call Quality

  • The Galaxy Buds sound playing music, that doesn’t carry over into making calls.
  • The AirPods’ advanced microphones and voice accelerometer, my callers heard me loud and clear.

 Batterty Life

  • Samsung claims the Galaxy Buds can last up to 6 hours on a charge.
  • The AirPods estimated 5 hours of battery as well as the 4 hours and 29 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Price:

You can buy the Galaxy Buds for a honestly cheap price $129.99


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