Reliance 5G Phone on the way: reveals

5G Phone Android: Price, Features, Specifications

After taking the storm of 4G worlds in India, Telecom operator Reliance Jio is now ready with its 5G mobile Phone that will soon be on the market. The Smartphone lovers eagerly want to know the “Jio 5G Phone release date”.

It is expected that the Jio 5G will be available on the India’s market by April 2020. The Telecom Company will going to begin testing its 5G devices after the Spectrum auction which is scheduled to happen by the end of this year. The testing will likely to be completed by the April next year.

 Jio 5G Phone features as contrast with 4G

While the Jio 5G Phone features has not been disclosed, the 5G Phone android are expected to fall into the affordable segment much likely the existing Jio mobile Phones. However, the 5G must be something different than the increase bit rate of 4G, as per a client perspective. The former could be a higher number of associated gadgets, higher framework otherworldly productivity that would bring down battery usage, and bring down blackout likelihood. Apart from this, the 5G would certainly have higher number of supported gadgets, lower tendencies, higher adaptability and versatility or higher dependability of interchanges.

Jio 5G Phone price and specification


As we known, when the 4G was released it was offered for free for 3 months as an introductory offer. Later the prices were intruded. The same may be a client perspective for the 5G as well; however, we have to wait till the launch date of the 5G Phone, before that we can only guess.


Speed: The speed of the 5G Phone would be expected to be ranging from 1GBPS to 100GBPS.

Jio 5G SIM: earlier, the 4G SIM was having 128k which would certainly more effective than 2G and 3G. From that, we can’t expect the 5G SIM would be 256K.

Jio 5G Device: At the time of Jio 4G release, the organization lauch VoLTE services and after that Airtel launched that too for SmarPhone. At present, we have a sort of SmartPhone that can support 5G services, and no any organizations at present have begun making 5G perfect gadgets.

Jio 5G Router: Yet the 4G router has not been intruded, hope both the 4G and 5G router information will be revealed by the Reliance Jio after  the 5G introduction in India.

Once the Reliance Jio 5G Phone becomes official, it will be interesting to see how it affects the other Smarphone. Until then, stay tuned for more information.

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