Recent Apple News Includes 5nm Chip and 5G In iPhones, and More

Next Upcoming iPhones Will Include 5nm Chip and 5G: Apple’s Resources

Talking about the Apple news according to recent reports, Apple’s A12 Bionic chip was used in its flagship iPhones back in 2018, and A13 chip will also be based on same 7nm architecture, as rumor states. Means, A12 chip will again be supplied by TSMC like A12, but Apple is planning to introduce 5nm manufacturing process based chip in next upcoming iPhones in 2020.

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This news actually originated from Courtesy of DigiTimes, and even this can be considered as true because TSMC has confirmed its investments plans of $25 billion to produce 5nm chips for new iPhones coming next year 2020.

5nm Chip And 5G In iPhones

Experts assume that smaller die size will actually allow greater number of resistors to be present on the core. This will significantly lower down power consumption and deliver higher clock speeds. This all means that overall iPhone usage and its performance will be improved.

Thus, Apple’s decision to shrink the die size will obviously help the company to get an edge over its rivals. Actually, this is precisely a reason which has kept its 2018 chhipset named A12, really ahead of the competition in performance based terms.

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However, talking about 5G network adoption, Apple will not adopt this technology soon. Even Intel has confirmed that its 5G chipset will be available in mainstream only in 2020 onward. Thus, it’s quite obvious that Apple will remain vulnerable in 2019 in terms of 5G technology competition. However, Samsung has recently launched a 5G version of its flagship smartphone called Samsung Galaxy S10.

Apart from Samsung, Nokia even has tied up with MediaTek and tested 5G successfully for its Helio M70 modem chip. Here comes a report on this matter:

Intel Corp executives said on Friday its 5G modem chips will not appear in mobile phones until 2020, raising the possibility its biggest customer, Apple Inc, will be more than a year behind rivals in delivering a device that uses the faster networks”

Looking through the history of Apple for its iPhone modems, the company has been relying on Intel since a long time. Also, the company is limited as well while the matter comes about buying 5G technology because it has on no goo terms with other popular chipset or processor manufacturer Qualcomm, and the feud is even active till the date.

So, the rumors about Apple to have its 2020 iPhones will support 5G seems to be true.

Team Cook Honors Steve Jobs

Talking about other Apple News, The founder of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs’ birthday is on 24th of February. On the date, the CEO and Co-founder of Apple turned to be of 64 years, if he were still alive today. Speaking more about the him, he was born on 24th of February in year 1955. He set out to establish what is known as one of the best and most potent forces in the international smartphone industry.

Steve Jobs, actually brought his company Apple single handedly in just a decade, that’s between 2000 and 2010. So, the present CEO of Apple took Jobs in honor of his loving memory to Twitter. Here’s the tweet Mr. Cook has shared on social media.

Getting further to this story regarding Apple news, the tech giant Apple continues to tout its flagship devices of last year, named iPhone XR, and XS as the most brilliant devices referring to its snapper performance.

Even the company will continue to do more improvements in its camera terms like Portrait Mode and Depth Control features for both of the phones. Talking about its latest advertisement campaign, Alejandaro, it actually puts a light on uses of Depth Control feature, that’s to erase or blur someone from background of any picture taken by camera.

Cook honors Steve Jobs

According to what Apple says:

Depth Control on iPhone XS and iPhone XR lets you adjust the depth of field before or after you shoot. So you can blur out whoever’s in the background, to get your portraits just right”

iOS apps secretly send data to Facebook

Taking the news further, it appears that Facebook may be utilizing large amounts of data on your iPhone without your knowledge. As per some rumors or say reports, certain iOS apps is sending a large amount of data to Facebook without user’s consent. It seems Facebook actually also collect data from apps when used to log in to those without a Facebook login feature.

Thus, the question is, why such apps are sharing data with social media giant Facebook? Well, there’s no secrecy about the fact that Facebook utilizes an analytical tool to know all about its target audience. Facebook is pulling such data without disclosing this fact to users. However, users can actually turn off Facebook’s targeted advertisements, but what they can’t do is to prevent such apps from sharing data to Facebook servers.

According to The Wall Street Journal reports, it seems at least 11 applications have been identified with this kind of attribute. Also, 11 out of many tested applications even found guilty of sending user’s data to Facebook. it’s being expected this problem will be sorted out in app’s next update.

Getting to final of Apple news, the COO of company, Mr. Jeff Williams explains to Elon University and in turn the World, regarding why their products actually cost as much. While answering the interrogations asked by students of university, a question is even asked regarding Apple’s high cost and whether it has any plans to reduce it.

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And to answer that question, Apple’s COO explained why Apple’s products are sold in much expensive price in compare to its rivals. He said:

The stories that come out about the cost of our products [have been] the bane of my existence from the beginning of time, including our early days… Analysts don’t really understand the cost of what we do and how much care we put into making our products”

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