OnePlus 6T Tempered glass: Screen Protector

oneplus 6t tempered glass screen protector

If you are choosing Oneplus 6T tempered glass for your OnePlus 6T Smartphone, then it is good for you. The main feature of Oneplus 6T is its in-display fingerprint scanner which helps you to unlock your device by placing finger on the bottom of display. So you should make sure that the screen protector you are using for Oneplus 6t works well to unlock in the in-display finger print.

A good screen protector protects your device from scratches and small accident as well.  So, OnePlus 6T tempered glass official that you pick must have some basis features. .

What Features should be required for OnePlus 6T tempered glass screen protector?

  • There should be extra layers in Tempered glass between camera sensor and finger/thumb which enables Screen Unlock.
  • You should check the screen protector works by capturing a picture of fingerprint.
  • You must check the selected OnePlus 6T tempered glass will protect your device screen from scratches and other small disaster as well.
  • It must have 100% Bubble-free adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed
  • It should be easy to clean to smudge and fingerprints that means no dark line or scratches made on screen.

oneplus 6t tempered glass official

You can buy OnePlus 6T tempered glass original that is available in market now. Some popular online portal and company has best model of Tempered glass for OnePlus 6T Smartphone.

Best OnePlus 6T tempered glass Amazon available:

OnePlus 6T Screen Protector: KuGi 9H hardness HD Clear Tempered Glass

oneplus 6 tempered glass original

  • Smudge and fingerprint resistant: Oleophobic coating reduces smudges and fingerprints, ensures easy cleaning.
  • Made from the Highest Quality Tempered-Glass with 100% Bubble-Free Adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed
  • Glass protective film, take you amazing look and feel. bubble-free, and frustration free installation that will leave our film perfectly contoured to any device.
  • Specially designed tempered GLASS screen protector For The OnePlus 6T smartphone
  • Rated 9H Hardness, making Screen Mate the world’s strongest and toughest screen protector. 99% Retina Clarity and Touch screen Accuracy.

JUMPY for OnePlus 6T screen protector: 9H hardness premium Tempered Glass

oneplus 6 tempered glass

  • Strong and scratch resistant. An added oleophobic coating repels oils, fingerprints and stains.
  • High definition, 9H hardness, 99.99% transparency preserves the brightness of the original screen.
  • Sensitive to touch – Highly responsive, sensitive to clarity and transparency.

AVIDET OnePlus 6T Screen protector: Anti-Scratch 9H hardness 0.3mm ultra slim 3D full coverage premium tempered glass scree prector for OnePlus 6T Smartphone

oneplus 6t tempered glass screen protector

  • More protection: Protect your Oneplus 6T from drops, scratches, fingerprints and other daily damages.
  • Install steps: Make sure to clean the screen thoroughly using the included wet & dry wipes. Peel off the thin, clear, protective layer(s) from the screen protector before applying the protector to the phone. Finally, put the screen protector onto the screen slowly. And you are done. If there are bubbles, please gently squeeze the bubbles out of the screen protector and push them to the boundary, so that the bubbles will disappear completely.
  • 3D Full Coverage: The screen protector can full cover the whole screen, will provide the best full protection for your Oneplus 6T. 0.3mm thickness is reliable and resilient, perfect experience of using touch screen.


I hope that this article helped you to getting knowledge about OnePlus 6t tempered glass and how it protects in various situations. Now, it is your choice to select the best oneplus 6t tempered glass aliexpress and any other online portal for your OnePlus 6T Smartphone.

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