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Tumblr alternative newTumbl

According to report, newTumbl has started after Tumblr announced its banning almost all kind of adult content on its platform. The team of newTumbl app says that they started developing this new platform on December 9 which had first set of features ready on December 20 last year. We have researched lots on “Tumblr adult ban” story and we have also seen that as result of Tumblr porn/adult content ban announcement, many of its users being booted out of the platform. While numerous users have wrote their worst feeling on social media like Twitter and other platform. We have also discussed about some of Tumblr alternative that Tumblr’s fans is migrating towards its alternative as replacement. Now comes to matter, here we are talking about newTumbl as Tumblr alternative. Let’s take have a look at newTumbl team statements about the platform.

Recently millions of users were booted from other sites and are now looking for a welcoming new home. If that’s you, you’re in the right place

We offer asylum to all those who feel persecuted simply for wanting to exercise your freedom of speech

It is our mission to provide a new, safe home for outcast bloggers and consumers who have been abandoned by the very web sites they have helped to cultivate, grow, and thrive

newTumbl looks similar to newTumblr: Platform is still under construction

newTumbl retain Tumblr username

According to report, newTumbl is not ready for users at the moment. But many features have been implemented. Member of newTumbl says, the platform can only be used by who are 13 years or older. Such kinds of content like child pornography, bestiality and zoophilic, speech that encourages hate or violence and other related material is not allowed on newTumbl platform. Here, you can see what their FAQ page says.

Can I post NSFW/Adult content? Yes. So long as you are over the age of consent and the content you post is not expressly prohibited by law. Illegal content includes things such as child pornography, bestiality and zoophilic pornography, speech that encourages hate or violence, and materials related to terrorism. Such content is not tolerated on newTumbl

newTumbl retain Tumblr username

newTumbl retain Tumblr username

We are seeing newTumbl as one of competitors of Tumblr that promising to Tumblr’ fans/users that, they can retain Tumblr username or blog name. Let’s look here.

If you are migrating from other popular social media sites, you may be granted the use of a username even if someone has already registered that name, provided that you can adequately prove that you were the owner of that username. Specifically, users migrating from will be allowed to retain their Tumblr username provided you create your newTumbl account and verify your username on or before May 31, 2019

We are also seeing that this feature may attract the large number of Tumblr refugees especially for those users whose blogs were popular on Tumblr. However, it is not sure that, what will happen next to first owner of user/blogs when someone claims. Here, you can see what their FAQ page says.

We’re working on that. We want to be able to have all the blogging capabilities done first, especially the ability to queue posts, which should be done by the end of January. We hope to be able to import blog data shortly thereafter

We are researching on the matter very deeply and definitely post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestions or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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