Microsoft Announced Convert Picture Of Table Into Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel

In September 2018, Microsoft had publicized that it will bring lots of AI-Powered features to Excel. One of the most feature Convert Picture Of Table Into Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that Microsoft announced in September last year. This latest feature allows user to easily convert analogue data into an Excel Spreadsheet with just a Click.

Excel Users on Android can simply take a picture of a printed data table and get it converted in to  spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.The insert  Data from Picture feature uses image detection technology to verify the information presented on the page and converts in to a spreadsheet in Excel within the android app. The element will help save a lot of time for those users who manually copy and paste data into other Excel sheets.

Convert Picture Of Table Into Spreadsheet

Apart from that Microsoft would be adding new data types related to geography and stocks. The new geography  data type supports states, countries,Zip codes and cities.  Stock contain ticker sign, Fund names and can fetch up-to-date Prices Microsoft’s policy  is to join more smart data types to Excel over time. Android users have to need update the Excel app to fun this new feature.The feature is rolling out on the Excel Android app and soon will be coming on IOS device as well.

Steps  To Convert Picture Of Table Into Spreadsheet in Microst Excel

PDF elements is appropriate program to use if you need to convert picture (JPEG or JPG )to  Excel files.Here are the few steps to convert JPG to Excel quickly and easily.

Step 1. Open a JPG or JPEG File

Start PDFelement. Click the “Open File” button to find the .jpg or .jpeg image file you wish to open.



Step 2. Enable OCR Function

Once the image file is opened in PDF constituent, a notice bar will pop up repeating you to execute OCR. You can also go to the “Edit” tab and click on the “OCR” button to perform this function. The text in your image file will then be changed to editable text.



Step 3. JPG to Excel OCR Settings

In the pop-up OCR window, select the “Editable Text” option and choose the correct language by clicking on the “Change Languages” button.


Step 4. Convert JPG to Excel

Click on the “Home” tab and then click on the “To Excel” button to convert your JPEG file to Excel. For the “Save as type” option, you can select to convert jpg to xls or xlsx.



Note: PDFelement is highly sensitive, and therefore highly observe. It’s easy to use with a simple interface. Beginners can use PDFelement with no problems. It has all the features you need without being overly complicated. From the OCR function, to digital signatures, you’ll be able to do everything you need with PDFelement.

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