Light Based Computer Works Faster 5000 Times (Complete Details)

Overview of Light Based Computer:

Light based Computer is an extremely faster, more energy efficient and could store much more information than electronic computer. It is a device that uses the photons in visible light or infrared (IR) beams rather that electronic current to perform digital computations. The speed of this computer is 10 or more time faster than a conventional electronic Computer. Visible-light and IR beams unlike electric current pass through each other without interacting. Laser beam can be shone so their paths intersect but there is no any intervention among the beams, ever when they are confined essentially to two dimensions.


Three-dimensional, full motions video can be transmitted along a bundle for fibers by breaking the image into voXels. Some optical devices can be controlled by electronic current even though the impulses carrying the data are visible light or IR. The ultimate goal is the so-called photonic network, which uses visible and IR energy exclusive between each source and destination. Light Based Computer is working in CD-ROM drives and their relatives, laser printers, and most photocopiers and scanners. However, none of these devices are fully optical, some extent on conventional electronic circuits and components.

How Light Based Computer Works Faster:

There are some fundamental issues with electronic computer as a medium and Light Based Computer avoids all of those:
  •  Resistance of wires causes creation of heat – this heat is so much that without a thermal sensor on a microprocessor to shut it down when it overheats, and a fan to cool it, it would vaporize in milliseconds. This limits how fast you can clock a microprocessor.
  • Every wire or transistor has a certain inductance and capacitance – this causes a lag called propagation delay. As billions of transistors are stacked, the delays build up and pose extreme challenges for the chip designers. At the clock frequencies that current microprocessors run at, inductive effects become very pronounced. It’s not at all easy to increase clock speeds much further.
  •  Any place where two microscopic conductors are separated by an insulating layer or a small distance, they can interfere through capacitative coupling, inductive coupling or even by electrons tunneling across by quantum effects. This is a big headache for chip designers.• Electricity is energy inefficient; it dissipates into heat and electromagnetic radiation. You can send an optical signal across hundreds of kilometers without a repeater. An equivalent electric cable would be much, huger, heavier and require much more power
  •  A purely photonic computer could probably be hundreds of times faster and hundreds of times more efficient than electronic ones – If Moores law has to continue, it will happen with photonics.

When light Based Computer Launch:

There is no any report yet, about when light based computer will be launched. But it may soon become a reality sooner than later. There are light based computer leaks circulating over Internet and hope they are true.

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