HUAWEI P30 PRO launching with periscope-style Zoom camera feature very soon

HUAWEI P30 PRO Zoom camera

HUAWEI P30 PRO super zoom feature

According to report, HUAWEI Smartphone manufacturer is going to release HUAWEI P30 PRO phone in their P-series of phone. The most attracting feature of this upcoming phone is its super zoom camera feature which you couldn’t see any previous P-series of phone. HUAWEI executive has officially confirmed that P30 Pro will come with exactly the same camera feature which we talk about in this article. As you know that, its predecessor P20 has started the triple camera revolution which is arriving on March 26 this year. HUAWEI’s Vice-President, Clement Wong has confirmed a periscope-style HUAWEI P30 PRO Zoom camera feature at MWC 2019. Let’s take have a look about its features it details.

HUAWEI P30 PRO super zoom feature: Quad camera setup

HUAWEI P30 PRO Zoom camera

Since, Oppo Smartphone maker has showed off 10x lossless zoom technology at MWC 2019 and expected to release its phone with exactly the same feature of camera. On other hand, HUAWEI executive has officially confirmed that HUAWEI can be better than Oppo on basis of zooming feature of camera because it will be something better than Oppo’s 10x zoom feature. However, Wong has promised that P30 Pro phone’s camera would offer something better feature from rest of the popular brands’ phone.

When we talk about HUAWEI P30 PRO leaks, the handset is expected to feature quad-camera setup. HUAWEI’s users will also capable to take excellent picture even in low-light with their upcoming P30 Pro Smartphone. Moreover, there will be upgrades in design and hardware of the series as well. At the moment, we all have to wait for phone launch. We are researching on the matter HUAWEI P30 PRO Zoom camera very deeply and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. You can share your own experience on the comment box given below.

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