How to make Google dark mode (Tutorial)

How to make Google dark mode

If you are using Google Chrome web browser on Android phones or desktop computers and you want to work on internet with dark theme of browser, then you should read this article carefully. You can easily apply Google dark mode android to every web pages you visit.

Why dark mode?

According to Google, dark mode saves battery life. Google and Apple have been using more power over the past few years which drain your battery. When you are using dark theme as interface, then it is good for the device battery. It requires less power and less taxing on it. So, you should choose better Google dark mode android.

Google dark mode android can be applied on every apps provided by Google including Google map, YouTube, Android messenger, GBoard, Gmail, Google news, Google Authenticator,  and other apps.

Procedure to make Google dark mode android OS based device

Step 1: Open “Setting” app and select “Display”

Step 2: Next tap to “Advance” and scroll down to find “Device theme” and tap it

How to make Google dark mode_1


Step 3: Now, check the “Dark” under “device theme” option

Procedure to apply chrome dark mode on Desktop/laptop PCs

Step 1: Click on “Customize and control Google Chrome” icon and then click on setting

Step 2: Now, click on “Reset to Default” under themes option “appearance”

How to make Google dark mode_2

Step 3: Then choose “Morpheon Dark” from given theme list.

How to make Google dark mode_3

Note: Morpheon Dark is most popular dark them in Store.

It is clear that Google dark mode adding to its various applications is not slowing down overall performance. Google recommends you to apply dark theme on your android device that will use less power of your battery.

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