Guide To Fix AIGPUSniffer Quit Unexpectedly Issue

To fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error on Mac OS X computers can be hard for users unless they know some quick guidelines from experts. I am writing this article today for Mac users as many of our readers have requested to offer them some methods to sort out AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error on their Mac easily. If you are encountering this error too, then reading and following the steps here mentioned, can allow you fixing your PC issue in minutes.

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So, speaking about “AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly” error, this issue mostly strikes on screen of Mac OS based computers while using Adove products. Means, in case you are running Adove illustrator, Bridge, Creative cloud, etc like programs, and if something happens wrong, the aforesaid error will appear on screen. This is a very common issue among Mac users but still bothering for users since a long time. According to some experts, this error may even be caused if user downloads and installs Adobe updates from third party sources, and if the updates are compromised.

In other circumstances, AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error may also be thrown on screen if Mac computer has an outdated version of Adobe software, and users choose to patch the software with compromised updates. So, the better is to avoid such fake or compromised updates offered by third party sources. This is the best option to keep your Mac protected against to fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error if starts to appear some how.

How to fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error message on Mac systems?

According to experts, many hackers use to exploit Adobe products to perform their illegal activities, so, patching Adobe products on Mac with appropriate and genuine update is very critical to assure security aspects. Otherwise, your system will be affected. In many circumstances, just re-installing the Adobe software and updating it with appropriate updates from official sources can easily fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error. Otherwise, here mentioned methods would be helpful to sort out the issue manually.

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Method 1: Shut down GPU Acceleration

According to some users, they managed to fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error by disabling GPU acceleration. Here are the steps required to do so, however, in case if the problem still persists in your case, you can move to next method.

1. Navigate to Illustrator > Preferences

2. Select GPU Performance in the left pane

3. Untick GPU performance, and click on OK to confirm the changes

Method 2: Modify File Type Association settings

When AI files are somehow set to open with AIGPUSniffer, it’s expected for system to throw AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error on screen. To fix the issue in this case, follow instructions here:

1. Navigate to Bridge Preferences

2. Select File Type Association

3. Change default values to Adove Illustrator

Method 3: Patch available updates from official sources

Alike all other software, Adobe also offers its own updates for products through which it fixes various commonly reported problems. If you haven’t checked and updated your software for long time, it’s time to patch available updates from official Adobe website. This should resolve AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly problem on Mac.

1. Click the link here to visit Adobe Products Updates page

2. Find the product you are looking for updates, for instance Illustrator

3. Click on the update name with link to download it

4. Follow on-screen instructions further to patch the update

Method 4: Re-install problematic software

In case if above solutions doesn’t work at all to fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error on your Mac system, you should try Re-installing the program. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Launch Finder and access Applications

2. Select the program you need to Re-install

3. Right click on selected program, and choose Move to Trash

4. Now, right click on Trash icon and choose Empty Trash

5. Confirm your deletion task if system seeks your confirmation

Now, you can download and install Adobe products once again from its official website, and the error message might go this time. Installing the latest version is mostly recommended but you can also try to choose previous versions.

Ways to fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error automatically

If you fail to sort out AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly issues on your Mac system manually after trying all above methods, then the reason might be unintentional presence of malware or PUPs. Malware are basically known as such intruders which are developed with illicit intentions and can do really a lot of destruction. To prevent a system against these intruders, it’s mostly recommended to choose a powerful anti-malware solution. According to our experts, Reimage Repair is a great option to achieve this goal on whether you have Windows OS or Mac. To fix AIGPUSniffer quit unexpectedly error on your Mac system automatically, this recommended tool can be the easiest automatic option. Follow the guidelines below to seek its help.

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