Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel to replace by “Always on Display”

Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel

The Galaxy S10’s retail launched at the last week. Many a pre-ordered customers have got the new flagship. They have noticed a small white blinking Pixel near a front Camera when they make call. This might appear some defect, however this is not so. Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel features is just a proximity sensor that doing the job of preventing the accidental touches by turning off the display while users’ ear/face come close to the display while they make call.

Switch off the display to avoid accidental touch!

Blinking white notification on Galaxy S10 is an interesting feature that comes up with the Samsung 10th edition of Galaxy S Smartphone lineup. The company has placed few sensor new the display one of which is the proximity sensor. For some, this is an abomination. However, one must know this is simply a feature. One simple way to prove that this is not a glitch and a simply a feature is just to switch on the speaker during a call which will remove the Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel. By this, we say that this is a feature and phone doesn’t try to detect whether you have placed ear next to the phone or not while you switch to speaker mode.

“it occurs when making a call or receiving a call (normal phone calls, whatsapp calls)

during a call, if it is switch to speaker phone, it stops blinking.

during a call, if i cover that blinking pixel with a narrow strip of paper the screen will go black (as if the phone was next to the face during a call)


As a matter of interest many users reported about this blinking white notification on Galaxy S10.

“Hello, During a call and while listening to a voice message in Wattsap, a white pixel blinks next to the front camera while the screen is on.
Is that a problem or have more people got it?
Maybe it’s normal?


A user recorded the blinks of the tiny pixel for better understanding. Here is the video:

Replacement of the Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel

Don’t confuse. It is a newest iteration of the notification however the Samsung decided to drop the notification LED from Galaxy S10. This is because of taking the favor of the “Always on Display”.

The AOD exploits the working principle of OLED display. This technology uses display black pixels and by this the useful information can be displayed in a low power mode when t he main display is off.

“…the notification LED is replaced by a ring of light around the camera cutout. This ring of light will change colors and light depending on the notifications. The front camera will also show a white ring around it while the camera is in use.

(Max Weinbach from the SamCentral Discord server)

He added the new features will be available after the software updates:

Lack of Notification Light from r/galaxys10

The Samsung Care Ambassador’s statement from Samsung forums:

“the camera cutout will indeed function as the notification light. It will be automatically colored based on the notification. I, along with a couple other Ambassadors, learned this from a Samsung executive after the Unpacked event in San Francisco. There will be a software update that will enable this on or slightly before launch.”

However the Care Ambassadors are not the official Samsung spokesperson but the one of the reliable source. What you think about the replacement of the Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel. Do share you thought in the comment section.

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