[Fixed] Skype Bug Automatically Answers Calls on Android: Microsoft release Update

Skype bug automatically answers calls on Android

According to Skype users, they are facing Skype bug automatically answers calls on Android and this is happening without their consent. A number of Skype users have complained on online forums about the issue. For those who are not aware, Skype app on Android has setting called Answer Incoming calls Automatically which Microsoft considers an accessibility feature for the app.

It is also touted as way of remotely checking on pets and house when you are away. However, users have complained that even disabling the feature won’t stop calls being answered automatically. Good news! Microsoft is working toward resolving the issue. Let’s take have a look about Skype Android Bug.

Skype still work, for business or habitual reasons

With gaining huge popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, VIber and Duo, there are number of users who don’t want yet another app on their Smarphone with the same functionality. When we talk about Skype App, it was Go-To-Video chat app. But at the WhatsApp and other similar poplar app, Skype is losing his followers/users. Apart from that, there are still some users who depend of Skype for business or habitual reasons.

Skype Android Bug: Automatically answers the calls

According to Microsoft, the company is working toward the resolving the problems. They have received numerous complaints being posted on Microsoft’s support forum. Affected users mentioned their problem in online forum and requesting to fix as to prevent Skype from answering calls which you would want to ignore. This is not right way if you want to uninstall the app until Microsoft delivers a fix to solve the issue. So, you need to wait for Microsoft response.

Relax! Skype Users, Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and working toward resolving

Further report, it is good news for Skype users because Microsoft has already received lots of complaints about “automatically answers calls” issue and currently managed to fix it. As per user’s complaint, it is sure that most users would not want this feature on their Android phone. If you one of them who are experiencing the issue, you can download the beta from the Play Store.

[Update] Microsoft fixed the “automatically answers calls on Android” issue with new update

While the recent Skype Update claims that Bluetooth issue has been resolved. It means that Skype bug automatically answers calls on Android, has been fixed right now with new update. We are researching on the matter very deeply on the matter and we will defiantly post an update, if it will come in future. For any suggestion or queries, please write on comment box given below.

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