Fix-Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10 issue

Start menu and Cortana aren't working Windows 10

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“Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10”. Right ways are suggested to you so as you can easily get rid of the issue.

If you have installed an upgrade to Windows 10, you might have faced the problem of “Critical-error-Start menu and Cortana aren’t working. We’ll try to fix it the next time you sign in” at the time of singing in to Windows 10. As you have noticed, you click on the “sign out now”, the laptop restarts and you are again able to enter the password. However, the same critical error shows up again.

What causes the “Start menu isn’t working Windows 10” issue?

“Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10” issue mostly occurs on Windows 10. The Window 10 is unpopular due to a heavy occurrence of system errors, registry errors, update errors, software compatibility errors, hardware errors and other similar errors on millions of users Windows 10 everyday. While the Microsoft is working on fix such issue but the amount of bugs is so big that these can’t be solved quickly.

As far as the “Start menu isn’t working 2018” is concerned, the exact reason for this is yet to be cleared. However, it might be conjectured that the issue could occur due to incorrect Windows configuration, conflict with antivirus software or damaged Window update files.

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Several fixes to solve “Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10” issue

In spite of the exact reason for the issue is not yet clear, IT experts have revealed some fixes that help in this situation. These are:

1. Try Full Normal Reboot:

The Start menu is not working well, so for this purpose, the following two are appropriate:

  • Hold down the Shift key, while pressing the power option. The restart icon will appear, click on it.
  • Follow the steps: Window Recovery Environment > Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Setting > Restart.

2. Boot your PC in Safe Mode:

This is another way to solve the issue. For this, Boot the computer into Safe Mode, let Windows to load, and then reboot into the normal mode.

Here is what you have to do to Boot the computer in safe mode: Boot tab > Safe Boot > Network, then click apply and OK.

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent fix, but 95% + users have been reported that this solution is working.

3. Command Prompt:

It is another way to solve the issue, for this, click on the right of Start Menu button and select the Command Prompt (Admin). Type “ren %windir%\\System32\\AppLocker\\Plugin*.* *.bak” and then restart your computer.

4. System File Checker scans:

  • Go to the Command Prompt as per the steps mentioned above
  • Enter sfc/scannow command

5. Open an Elevated PowerShell:

  • Click Win key + R, type poweShell and press
  • Click on the right of the search results and select Run as Administrator
  • Type Get-AppXPackage –AllUsers | Foreach {Add –AppXPackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml”} in the PowerShell Window
  • Wait, until the process is completed.
  • Check whether the problem has been fixed or not. Since it usually occur again when you click on the start key, so try to press it to confirm

6. Repair the Errors automatically

If you do not want to waste the time on manual repair techniques, please use the automatic software. These tools are listed below:

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Hope so, the recommend method will help you to get rid of the issue. Do inform us on the comment section, if the issue will be solved by any of the suggested solution.

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