Elon Must Concept Phone: Phone If Elon Musk Has Designed

Elon Musk concept smartphone

Elon Musk is widely known for its outrageous and funny comments. But suppose, if he starts to feature in news for making smartphones, then what will happen? Probably, based on his concepts, here comes Elon Musk concept phone, if it hits the market in future. !!

According to what Mr. Jeffrey Lee and his created concept with an epithet of Tesla C1 states, the phone will feature a slider design, similarly what a conveyor belt looks like.

Also, the phone will have telescopic design using which the users can slide the phone sideways which will expand the smartphone. It will actually include a flexible display with slider option to slid the screen all the ways.

Means, if the phone is expanded, surely its screen size will be increased, and when the device is slid back, it will re-position into its original shape. Moreover, the concept even states a part of the screen would act like a notification panel, while the other parts would be regular size phone.

In addition to Elon Musk Concept phone, the smartphone may also have a dual-camera setup in its rear along with notched display for big display experiences.

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Phone Designed By Elon Musk

Considering the concept designed by Tesla C1 if phone designed by Elon Musk, it basically seems the concept is inspired by a TV from LG, called Rolling TV. This television was actually unveiled at CES this year. And based on the same, Lee created the concept of such smartphone to Tesla, as Elon Musks has a great record of pulling off such outrageous designs and bring new innovations.

Well, all these are just a conception and has no reality till yet. However, if the Elon Musk concept phoine hits the market in future, it will probably compete foldable smartphone industry which is being in trend nowadays.

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