Do VPN Extension For Chrome Works: The Best Chrome VPN Extensions 2019

Chrome VPN is more fully featured, trustworthy and easy to use, however most of the users ask question that do vpn extension for chrome works? The answer is yes, but there are some restriction and principles, so you should be conscious during the installation Chrome VPN extension.

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Many users are looking Chrome VPN Exntension for Chrome,because it is the world’s most popular web browser and software that provide the facility to safe surfing. It also get offers sufficiently in terms of flexibility. It provide users friendly setup, strength, and safety so many users like to use Google‘s chrome browser for searching the world wide web. Chrome also provides endless VPN extension but how do you pick out the ideal VPN Extension Chrome. This guide will help you to pick out the best chrome VPN for your System.

What is VPN

Many users ask question that do vpn extension for chrome works? VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network that provides service which connects your System to another network. It is a very secure network that prevents your personal information to steal when surfing the internet. It can generate a protected connection by redirecting the connection to that site.

VPN to secure network connection because without using VPN, your online activities might be monitored by the hacker and your personal details including bank details, IP address etc may hike for miss use. With a VPN connection, you can access blocked websites and get any kind of information in almost any country all over the World.

The Best Chrome VPN Extensions 2019

Chroem VPN exntension

  1. Express VPN

It is easy to use and has some spotless features but you cannot use the Express VPN browser extension without installing appropriate desktop app.  It is a user friendly extension which gives you full control over your connection without having to navigate away from your chrome browser. It also encodes all the data wandering over your network. Experess VPN extension and app makes a powerful online security with lighting fast speed, unlimited bandwidth.

  1. Nord VPN

 It is a proxy extension that offers the ultimate combination of freedom and privacy. Nord VPN extension is lighting and fast and won’t slow  down your computer network speed. It will automatically begin protection by connecting you to the best available network.

  1. Hotspot Shield

It is a chrome extension which is the ultimate security tool. It is the best for new user and it is easy to setup and use. You can install and connect with a single click. Hotspot Shield uses military grade encryption to secure your data. It built WebRTC blocking to prevent IP address leaks and stop ad and malware.

  1. Safer VPN

It is a Chrome VPN extension that is easy to use for new user and guide user as an expert. You can install setup and connect on a single click. It also provides you to 24/7 customer service. It does encrypt all of your browser’s data. It also get offers 500 MB of free bandwidth every month.

  1. ZenMate VPN

It is a chrome extension which comes with fill feature that provide free version offers a huge range features with few compromises. It is easy to use on the market to set up and configure. ZenMate VPN provides several security features including WebRTC blocking, encryption, and a NATFirewall which prevents hacker from scanning your device and stealing your personal data.

  1. Cyber Ghost

It is a chrome VPN extension that offers a free to use. Its setup is very easy and safe your time. It is very simple with only an on/ off button and the menu  to choose the locations available. Cyber Ghost’s extension performance is good and encrypts your online browsing data with 256 bit AES encryption.

  1. Tunnel Bear

This Chrome VPN extension get offers a free plan with a limitation of 500 MB per month which is much better. It also provide protection service that block add-on, safe your browsing history, and protect your personal information to leak.  Chrome browser works very fast with Tunnel Bear extension.


All the above VPN extension Chrome are very easy to use and their performance even very good.  But the performance levels are very important particularly while using chrome browser to access streaming services.  So you can choose any one based on their performance level. Which is better please share your thought in the comment box.

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