Qualcomm snapdragon 712 vs Snapdragon 636

Comparison Qualcomm snapdragon 712 vs Snapdragon 636 (With Feature and Specification)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 vs Snapdragon 712 Comparison (Complete Review) Qualcomm is the company of mobile chipset which makes some great mid-range mobile chipsets. The brand name of mobile chipset is Snapdragon. The first Snapdragon product to be made available to consumer device manufacturers was the QSD8250, which was released in November 2007. It included the […]

fix windows 10 blue screen whea uncorrectable error

Know How To Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Whea Uncorrectable Error

Issue with Whea Uncorrectable Error BSoD Fix (Solution is Here) Have your Windows Operating System encountered with whea Uncorrectable Error Windows 10. If yes, please read this article carefully to fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Whea Uncorrectable Error Code 0x00000124. The System encountered an Uncorrectable Error Code 0x00000124. This error code based on the error […]

err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome

Facing err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome? Fix It

Fix err_blocked_by_xss_auditor Chrome Error In Windows/Mac The err_blocked_by_xss_auditor in Chrome is actually a kind of error which appears on screen when a line of missing code or symbol is detected while loading as webpage. In such instances, the Google Chrome, throws aforesaid error. When you see it first, it seems normal as just reloading the […]

How TO Fix- Clock Watchdog Timeout bsod Windows 10 issue

You might have stuck with blue screen on your Computer while playing a video game. It indicates an error that reads CLOCK_WATCHDOG-TIMEOUT. This article aims to guide you to fix the issue “Clock Watchdog Timeout bsod Windows 10”. How does the “Clock Watchdog Timeout bsod Windows 10” issue occur? “Clock Watchdog Timeout blue Screen Windows […]

Bsod Internal Power Error

Tips and Tricks To Fix BSOD INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR Windows 10

You get BSOD INTERNAL_POWER_ERROR Windows 10. “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart”. “We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you” on your PC screen. If you’d like to know more this error and how to fix it, please read this guide carefully till the end. What is […]

Fix-Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10 issue

This blog is dedicated to the users that are tired by searching the solution of “Start menu and Cortana aren’t working Windows 10”. Right ways are suggested to you so as you can easily get rid of the issue. If you have installed an upgrade to Windows 10, you might have faced the problem of […]

restart audio device

Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer; way to solve it

“Audio renderer error” occurs sometimes while you playing YouTube video in your browser. Many a user has face this issue especially when installing an update and changing the audio device. This article aims to provide you suggestions to fix the issue. Audio renderer error on the YouTube stops the video that you are watching at […]

Registory Editor

How To Enable or Disable Console Mode Windows 10

Microsoft has been released a new features console mode in Windows 10 that can be used replace the default lock screen, welcome and shutdown and graphical login  UI screen with a text console terminal on a black screen.  This UI will look like the command prompt UI and you can set a login permit for […]

ctfmon.exe error windows 10

Know About- ctfmon.exe error Windows 10 And How To Disable It

This article helps you to know about ctfmon.exe error windows 10 and how to disable in your Windows Based Operating system. Please read this blog carefully till the end. What Is -ctfmon.exe error Windows 10? ctfmon-exe is an executable file of the Windows System that is used by Microsoft Office to start User Input Text […]

error code 0x80072f8f Windows 10

Error Code 0x80072f8f Windows 10: All Easy Fixes

Fix Error Code 0x80072f8f or Windows Error Code 0x80072f8f Installing Windows updates on Windows 10 never been an easy task, and has affected with installation issues. In such instances, it’s quite common to dace various error codes in which error code 0x80072f8f Windows 10 is also one of them. Alike all other errors on Windows […]

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