high pitched noise

Know how to fix Asus laptop high pitched noise issue

Asus laptop high pitched noise generally occurs when there is an issue with the processor of the compromised device. It simply indicates that the processor is dealing with a highly temperature threat. An overheated capacitor in the CPU can be injured severely if it is not taken care of. Moreover, hardware components deficiency or poor […]

filmora not opening

Fix sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora issue

sorry the project file cannot be opened in this version filmora is an error message that normally appears on the system screen when user tries to open the video edited by the filmora application. Filmora is a well-known video editing software that is used by millions of user all over the world. This app allows […]

send 5 minutes video Whatsapp

How to send 3 minute video on Whatsapp (Guide)

Have you experiencing the troubles while you trying to send more than 16MB of videos to your contacts? As you known that Whatsapp has file size limit 16MB i.e., you can only send images, music, videos of its limit size. It means that if you will try to send video files to your contact, then […]

Corel Videostudio X10 keeps crashing

Ways to fix Corel Videostudio not opening issue (Solved)

If you have installed update of Windows Operating System on your computer and after that you are seeing Corel Videostudio not opening on your PCs, then you should try to solve this issue. At first, you need to check the program whether it is really working or not. This problem might occur on your machine […]


How to fix files copied to usb become shortcuts issue

files copied to usb become shortcuts issue has been reported by many users which got them a lot of stress and trouble. A USB drive is used to save important documents, images, music, videos and other crucial data that overtook CDs and DVDs a long time ago. Use of these flash drives is very high […]

enable do not disturb iPhone XR

How to enable do not disturb iPhone XR (Guide)

This tutorial will help you to use or turn on do not disturb on iPhone XR with easy methods. As you known that DND (Do Not Disturb) is very interesting features of iOS that silences the calls, alerts, notifications and messages. Apple has refined DND to offer range of being capable to make silence your […]

Windows 10 flashing screen on boot

Ways to test your computer monitor for flickering (Tutorial)

In this tutorial, you will get numerous ways to test your computer screen flickering Windows 10 with complete guideline. Flickering can happened in LCD and CRT monitor screen both. It is very common problem of users worldwide. It causes eye strain, headaches and host of other ailments, actually when users spends most of time in […]

HP laptop making high pitched noise

Methods to fix HP laptop high pitched whine (Solved)

Have you experiencing HP laptop high pitched noise? If you are getting this problem, then it is sure that major part of your computer has been failure, broken, loose or about to explode. There are so many reasons behind this issue like miss configuration of audio and sound driver or cards, sound driver not updated, […]

urface pen tip not working but eraser is

Methods to Fix surface pro 3 pen not working (Tutorial)

Have you ever checked surface pro 3 pen working or not on your Surface tablets, OneNote and other similar devices? As you known that Surface Pro 3 is most interesting feature of tablet and similar smart device where you write & draw anything on the device’ screen like on the paper. But, users have experiencing […]

take long screenshot OnePlus 6t

Know How to take long Screenshot in OnePlus 6T (3 Methods)

It’s been very little time that OnePlus 6T has come in the market and it has already become a hit among the OnePlus fans as well as smartphones users in general. Many of the users are asking about how to take long screenshot in OnePlus 6t or to take scrolling screenshot in OnePlus 6T that […]

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