qualcomm chipsets supports 192MP Sensors

Qualcomm Chipsets Supports 192MP Sensors: NextGen Chipsets

100 MP & 64MP Camera Setups May Arrive As Qualcomm Now Supports 192MP sensors Whoever is using a smartphone, might know the name Qualcomm and its reliability to offer great chipsets to smartphone industry. Even in current market, more than 65% of smartphones based on Android are running Qualcomm chipsets only. The company has recently […]


Huawei Has programmed its Own OS In situation Android Banned

According to the information, in a recent interview Huawei Executive Richard Yu has announced that the company has programmed its own Operating System or Huawei OS, in situation US executes Android ban services. Huawei would like working with Google and Microsoft but could presentation its own branded Huawei OS. Operating system might not be the […]

Android Q features

Android Q Features, Expected Names & Release Date (Details Information)

The first promo of Android Q has officially announcement by the Google, therefore users can download and install the first beta version of Android 10 on Pixel phone. The upcoming version of the mobile operating System will also possibly be as Android 10. Google hasn’t announced when Android will come out but the first Android […]

Playstation Party Error NW-31473-8

Users Twitted Playstation Party Error NW-31473-8 On Twitter

What is playstation Playstation is a video game support developed by Sony. The first Playstation was released in 1994, followed by Playstation 2(PS2) in 2000 and Playstation3 (PS3) in 2006. The first version of the console signified an important improvement in terms of graphic quality over the existing cartridge players of the early1990s. PS2 signified […]

Instagram screenshot notification for DM, Post and Story

How to Bypass Instagram screenshot notification feature? Methods for Android or iOS

Instagram screenshot notification for DM, Post and Story As we all know that Instagram is one most famous online social networking platform that is mainly focuses on mobile photography. When we talk about the popularity, Instagram had crossed 1 million users in just 2 months after launch and 10 million users within months. Now, this […]


Methods To Stop Windows 10 Desktop Icons From Changing Location

Most of the users complained that their Windows 10 Desktop icon rearrange automatically just after restart or refresh Windows System. However rearrangements of desktop icons setting are a problem particular to Windows 10 Operating System. Unluckily, disarrangements of desktop icons are another Windows 10 virus. Are you being continuously facing problem where your Windows 10 […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera ring notification light

Galaxy S10 Camera Ring Notification Light feature: Always On Edge – Edge Lighting App

According to report, Samsung (Korean Smartphone manufacturer) have planned to drop the notification LED on its Galaxy S10 models phones. It has officially confirmed that the company would bring an alternative notification LED via future software update. When we talk about modification, there will be ring of light around the front camera cutout and this […]

New Samsung foldable wearable phone patents

Samsung working on new foldable Wearable Smartphone

According to report, Samsung (South Korean Smartphone manufacturer) is currently working on its new foldable Smartphone design that can be worn on the wrist like Smartwatch. For those who are not aware, Samsung Company has already launched its first foldable phone as name of Galaxy Fold. Now, the company is planning to design new foldable […]

Google Chrome block automatic downloads from ad frames

Google Chrome Block Automatic Downloads from ad frames without user knowledge

Google Planned to block automatic downloads from ad frames: Strong Security feature coming According to report, Google is planning to improve the features of Google Chrome for security purposes. The new feature will block automatic downloads from ad frames without user intervention. Since, Google developers have said about this feature that blocking automatic downloads in […]

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