MovieBox Pro VIP free access iOS

How to get Free MovieBox Pro VIP Mode on iOS?

Free MovieBox Pro VIP access on iOS As you known that, MovieBox and ShowBox were suffered from major outage problem last year and we had get the news regarding both the apps that, the service is no more. Users were shocked after getting the app has been shutdown officially. Since, ShowBox was back up after […]

Group Facetime down

Group Facetime not working: Apple took the feature offline

Group Facetime down after calling bug report According to report, many users are facing Group Facetime not working problem at the moment. But good news is that the Apple is aware of this bug. Few days back, users have also noticed Apple Facetime (ft) calling issue. Let’s take have a look at some users’ tweets […]

Foxconn iPhone X India

Foxconn plans to manufacture Apple iPhone X models in India starting 2019

Report says, Apple is planning iPhone X series in India. The Company has said Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn will be manufacturing the iPhone X models in India starting in 2019. For those who are not aware of Foxconn, it is Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company with its headquarters in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. The products […]

iPhone not recognized by Windows 10

Various ways to Fix Computer not recognizing iPhone issue (Tutorial)

It is not hard task to connect iphone with computer to transferring files like images, audios, videos and other files. You can simply connect these two devices via USB cables or wireless medium to share your personal data from one device to another. But report says, many users are facing some problem while they are […]


Google’s Gboard now supports more than 500 languages

  According to Google, the Gboard language support for Android now supports more than 500 languages. Just after couple of years after launching, it has assisted the whole world to communicate on their mobile phones in their mother language. Moreover, the keyboard layouts are modified for each language and also include the autocorrect and analytical […]


10 best free iPhone apps of 2018

After buying an iPhone, people often go to Apple’s App Store to find best apps for their devices. Well, the Apple’s store has millions of free and paid apps that can be difficult for users to choose the most useful among them. Moreover, you would certainly not want to spend money if you can get […]

Tumblr alternative Newsgrounds

Best Tumblr Alternative for Adult Content View

If you are looking or searching for Tumblr alternative, then you can read this article carefully. After Tumblr ban NSFW adult explicit contents from its platform, many users are looking for its alternatives. You can choose Sharesome, Newgrounds and Pillowfort in replace of Tumblr. Newsgrounds: A community of artists, game developers, musicians, voice actors and […]

send 5 minutes video Whatsapp

How to send 3 minute video on Whatsapp (Guide)

Have you experiencing the troubles while you trying to send more than 16MB of videos to your contacts? As you known that Whatsapp has file size limit 16MB i.e., you can only send images, music, videos of its limit size. It means that if you will try to send video files to your contact, then […]

enable do not disturb iPhone XR

How to enable do not disturb iPhone XR (Guide)

This tutorial will help you to use or turn on do not disturb on iPhone XR with easy methods. As you known that DND (Do Not Disturb) is very interesting features of iOS that silences the calls, alerts, notifications and messages. Apple has refined DND to offer range of being capable to make silence your […]

Fastrack reflex WAV smart band first impression

Fastrack Reflex WAV Smart band Review: Gadget for youngsters

This article will help you to read complete details about Fastrack reflex WAV smart band review. Fastrack is very popular brand in India that is owned by watchmaker Titan. The Company sells several accessories such as sunglasses, watches and others that are attracted by youngsters. Fastrack Reflex is first attempt of the company at affordable […]

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