Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Trailer Leaked On You Tube

Battlefield V battle royale mode trailer has leaked on you tube before of its release this spring. As the video shows off Battlefield V firestorm will have Single, Twosome and group choices. Like as other battle royale games, round start with player falling in from overhead with a skydive. Players must be search gun and other point on the map and use them to be the former player standing. There are three tiers of gun first is common, second is Rare and third is epic. Battle roayle games, bullet isn’t always easy to search, so you will need to achieve your record and share with team to win.

Battlefield V battle royale mode

Battlefield V battle royale mode considered a Firestorm that is developed by EA owned Studio. Like PUBG and Apex Legneds it supports 64 player battles. During the playing Firestorm will be closed in a constant battle with themselves. EA apparently responded to the Battlefield V battle royale mode leaked. First of all it leaked on Reddit with a mysterious Video that shows to be playful the battle royale mode. It shows a circle of fire nearest in on a crew of fighter, whereas the tweet is title with the emojis for fire and storm.

Battlefield V battle royale mode2

Is Battlefield V battle royale mode Trailer leaked on You Tube Fake

There the possibilities that Battlefield V battle royale mode Trailer leaked on You Tube is somehow faked, but that seems unlikely that this is an attractive looking video which appearances up with earlier leaked information in many compliments. But it would be possible that the video is fake.  So please check the video rating before watching Battlefield V battle royale mode Trailer leaked on You Tube.

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