Teplo 2.0 smart kettle

Teplo 2.0 smart kettle to brew tea according to mood

Teplo 2.0 smart kettle uses the biometric technique and brews perfect tea Making tea is undoubtedly an art. Here one must have the judge at what temperature the water should require and also that much of idea to decide the time period which is sufficient for the leaves to get infused together with personal experiences […]

Samsung Galaxy s10 pre order delays

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre order delays: running status

Samsung Galaxy S10 pre order delays updated status The Samsung, this year come with its four different models of S10. Besides the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10+, the one is S10e which serves as a budget oriental model and other is Galaxy S10 5G of S10+ model with an addition of 5G modem, 6.7 […]

Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel

Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel to replace by “Always on Display”

The Galaxy S10’s retail launched at the last week. Many a pre-ordered customers have got the new flagship. They have noticed a small white blinking Pixel near a front Camera when they make call. This might appear some defect, however this is not so. Galaxy S10 blinking white pixel features is just a proximity sensor […]

Intel CPUs Spoiler vulnerability

Intel CPUs Spoiler vulnerability makes easy for attackers to target area

Dubbed Spoiler technique creates Intel CPUs Spoiler vulnerability Intel –the world second largest and second highest valued semiconductor chip manufacturer – is the inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors. The processors found in most PCs. The Company’s processors have a useful function Speculation execution – used to increase the performance of a CPU by predicting […]

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Google Camera port

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Google Camera port Available Now

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Google Camera port to available in the market soon Earlier, Google Camera features like HDR+ and Night Sight was not functioned on non-Google phones. But now, it becomes possible just because of developers countless hours of efforts. It has now available many non-pixels devices that that supports the Google Camera port due […]

Elephone A6 Mini

Elephone A6 Mini launch with the price $99.99 (Specs and Features)

Elephone A6 Mini launch with latest Android pie, 16MP/16MP Camera and an affordable price Elephone A6 Mini launch at its schedule date and it is time to look for its features. By Elephone A6 Mini, Elephone seems to be aiming at the younger generation users. It is designed like what the modern youth exactly want […]

Huawei P30 Pro leaks

Huawei P30 Pro leaks: A Flagship with10x optical zoom

Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro specs; gradient feature, 10x zoom, new color Huawei devices were a huge step up with its P20 and P20 Pro, and its P20 pro was one of the contender of best camera of the year. Now, it will launch two more Smartphone named P30 and P30 Pro by the […]

Vivo V1818EA vs Vivo V1818ET

Vivo V1818EA vs Vivo V1818ET based on the leaks

  Vivo V1818EA and Vivo V1818ET are the two upcoming Smartphone that have been spotted on Chinese certification website TENNA. The listing reveals the entire specification and images of the two Smartphone. In the blog Vivo V1818EA vs Vivo V1818ET, here we distinguish the two Smartphone on different areas such as specification, CPU, display, Camera […]

Snapdragon 675 vs Exynos 7885

Snapdragon 675 vs Exynos 7885: Which one is better?

Snapdragon 675 vs Exynos 7885: CPU, GPU, Camera, RAM, Display, Connectivity By this blog, here we come with yet another comparison topic and this time it is about the two most powerful processors Snapdragon 675 and Exynos 7885 from the companies Qualcomm and Samsung respectively. The Snapdragon 675 is one of few SoC’s that supports […]

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