Android Q Features, Expected Names & Release Date (Details Information)

Android Q features

The first promo of Android Q has officially announcement by the Google, therefore users can download and install the first beta version of Android 10 on Pixel phone. The upcoming version of the mobile operating System will also possibly be as Android 10. Google hasn’t announced when Android will come out but the first Android Q beta was officially released in mid-March. Google will expect launch Android Q10 in mid-August 2019.

Best Android Q Features

The first beta version of Android Q has launched with lots of features. The best features are given below:

  1. Dark Mode:

Android Q has come with a System-wide dark mode. There is a new option in the Display setting called ”Set Dark Mode”. You just have to turn on the Battery Saver mode all the time to enable System-wide Dark theme on your pixel device.



  1. Boost privacy

Android Q comes with more privacy features therefore you can choose whether or not the apps can access the location data while they are running in the background. There is the latest option for “Allow only whole the app is in use”.

When an application uses your location data, then you will see an icon for that in the notification bar. There will also be new offer privacy page in the setting menu. It shows the particular number of apps that are accessing your contacts, SMS, and other sensitive information.



  1.  Foldable Phone Support

Android Q is also compatible with Foldable phone support. The android 10 will reserve the app state as you change between multiple displays or open up an existing display. This is more a feature for developer with back-end changes that will help make their apps ready for the big; folding screens of the top their phones.



  1. Sharing Shortcuts

Android Q gets the facility to sharing files easier with sharing shortcuts.  You can jump directly into another app to share content. Developer can create sharing shortcuts which basically tries to build the share menu information. So that the share UI can load instantly when launched.



  1. Setting Pannel

The Settings Panel API has received changes which will show key system settings directly in the context of an app. These changes are based on the Slices feature which came with Android P. The settings panel now looks like a floating UI which can be opened from an app to show system settings and toggles.



  1. Desktop Mode

Android 10 to become a Desktop Mode which will be on the likes of Samsung Dex and Huawei’s projection Mode. It will provide a PC like experience complete with standard desktop and full-Sized apps.

  1. Turn Off Every Sensor

Android Q is going to have some kind of a super lockdown mode that includes a Sensors Off toggle button which locates the device into Airplane mode and disables all the sensors on the phone like as Accelerometer and Gyroscope.


  1. Screen Recorder built-in

Android 10 build the screen recorder tool which is incomplete can be accessed by long pressing the screenshots button in the power menu.


  1. Android Beam Removed

Android Beam is used to share files between one devices to another. The feature is already crippled But Android Q is working on a new file sharing features for Android.


  1. Facial Recognition

Android 10 will have an in family facial recognition feature that means in built facial recognition support could also mean app and payment authentication through the face and added security.

  1. No More Stealing Passwords

The Android Q10 also build is including new permission “READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND”, the new permission will hamper random background apps form accessing the Clipboard content.

  1. Reduction App Updates

Often you update an app and then immediately reset the action. But Android Q has the ability to roll back apps to their previous version.

Android Q Expected Names

It comes to naming Android every year. Some expected names are given below

  • Android Quesito (ke-see-toe)
  • Android Quindim
  • Android Quiche
  • Android Qottab (Ghottab)
  • Quince (kwins)
  • Queen of Puddings
  • Quarabiya (Kurabiye)
  • Queijadas

Android Q Release Date

Google hasn’t announced release date of Android Q, But the beta version has been released a beta build for developer in March. The full Android 10 might be completely come out in early in the month of August 2019.

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